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Our mission is to reduce energy consumption by doing Preventative Maintenance thoroughly, properly, and on schedule and in so doing make system components last longer AND help the environment.


Did you know that homes and buildings use more energy than all vehicles and factories combined? We are passionate about reducing the amount of green house gas emissions produced by poorly maintained HVAC-R systems and we are taking the responsibility to help our future generations enjoy a cleaner world. Are you part of the green movement?

Business Customers

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Many heating and air companies can't keep up with the work load during the peak seasons. It's a fact, system installations and repairs get in the way of preventative maintenance. Several years ago, we split the Maintenance Doctors into different departments. One for preventative maintenance and the other for repairs and system installations with techs that specialize in each area. Because of this, we are free to properly maintain your most expensive equipment even in the peak of the heating and cooling seasons.  We consistently perform systematic, properly done, and on-time Preventative Maintenance because we believe the old adage: An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.



How we can help: Our focus is to:
We are professionals   Increase system life
We do the job right Prevent service calls
We are on time Lower your electric bill


Program Details
HVAC (Heating & Air)
Freon pressure check - this is only done if unit is not running at full capacity after every other preventative mainteannce duty has been performed.
Electrical components check (amp draw test to see if system is running efficiently)
Electrical - check for chafing due to unit vibration and other damage.
Evaporator unit - fan running, ice-buildup
Compressor/condenser unit check Clean Evaporator coils (done with commercial grade no-rinse foaming cleaner)
Clean condenser coils (done with commercial grade rinse foaming cleaner)    Blower fan motor (check function and amp draw)
  Condenser fan motors (check function and amp draw)   Blower fan belts, checked for cracks/wear
  Heating - check flame color, soot levels, & clean rust from burners and heat exchanger orifices. Remove corrosion from flame sensor.
  Check temps: return, supply, and ambient
Refrigeration Systems
  Clean or replace condenser filter if applicable.   Check temperatures of food (top and bottom for food prep tables)
  Check integrity of door seals (splits and cracks) will replace if necessary upon authorization.   Electrical components check (amp draw test to see if system is running efficiently)
  Compressor/condenser unit check   Evaporator unit - fans running, ice-buildup
  Clean condenser coils   Clean Evaporator coils
Freon pressure check - this is only done if unit is not running at full capacity after every other preventative mainteannce duty has been performed.
Exhaust & return air systems
  Check & replace belts
  Check pulleys for levelness. Adjust pulleys to proper gap.
  Check amp draw & air balance
  Grease bearings
Full plumbing system check water pressure (slow water flow), leaks, corrosion/buildup. ***Note: we do not clean grease traps.
  Sink faucet valve stems - in case of leak, valve stem washer replacement is included in PM   Drain assemblies and pieces - check for corrosion/lime/algae buildup from leaks.
  Water valves - check to ensure that they open and close completely with no leaks   Corrosion/leak check bottom half of drain baskets where connected to drain line
  Faucet pressure - remove lime & mineral deposits from filter screens   Sprayer pressure - remove lime & mineral deposits from pinholes in the sprayer handle.
Floor Drains
  Quarterly high pressure hot water blast to remove grease from the plumbing system. Optional drain cleaner can be added for the cost of the cleaner.
Preventative Maintenance Fee Schedule


HVAC Systems
(Heating & Air)
1 Unit $49.95 $54.95 $59.95
2 Units $79.95 $87.95 $95.95
3 Units $89.95 $98.95 $107.95
4 Units $99.95 $109.95 $119.95
>4ional Units $24.95 (ea)
$27.95 (ea) $29.95 (ea)
Walk-in Coolers & Freezers 1 Unit $15 $16.50 $18
>1 Unit $10 (ea) $11 (ea) $12 (ea)
Exhaust & Return Air Systems 1 Unit $10 $11 $12
>1 Unit $5 (ea) $5.50 (ea) $6 (ea)
Refrigeration systems: Ice Machines, Food Prep Tables, Cold/Freezer Drawers, Refrigerators 1 Unit $10 $11 $12
>1 Unit $5 (ea) $5.50 (ea) $6 (ea)

Plumbing - Look above to see what you're getting for nothing extra!



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"I was concerned about the level of professionalism these guys would have at such low rates. They more than exceeded my expectations..."

Linda Wilson
Home Owner

"We've been doing business with Maintenance Doctors for over three years. As far as service company's go, they have taken care of business. That is what we like and that is why we are still with them."

Jake Stacy
General Manager
Buffalo Wild Wings

"The tech treated me like I was intelligent enough to understand the basics. That made me feel good. He gave me tips on how often my filters should be changed and how to save electricity by setting the thermostat properly..."

Steve David
Home Owner

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