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Did you know that homes and buildings use more energy than all vehicles and factories combined? We are passionate about reducing the amount of green house gas emissions produced by poorly maintained HVAC-R systems and we are taking the responsibility to help our future generations enjoy a cleaner world. Are you part of the green movement?

Essential maintenance for your home
Your central heating & cooling system...

Every year, countless numbers of systems go down. Millions are spent, but you have taken a step in the right direction because you want to take care of some of the most expensive equipment that you own. We're glad you're here because our ultimate goal is to save you from the costs of wasted electricity and premature system failure.  If you have recently had to purchase new equipment as an upgrade or replacement then you know exactly what we're talking about.  So when is the time to start maintaining a new system?  Immediately.  Change or clean your filter(s) at least once every two months in the summer.  We recommend using a filter with a MERV factor of around 8 for residential systems. Higher MERV filters will restrict air flow and strain the system. After the first year have a company start coming out for regular preventative maintenance.
Experts on your side...

Comprehensive & punctual preventative maintenance

Many heating and air companies can't keep up with the work load during the peak seasons. It's a fact, system installations and repairs get in the way of preventative maintenance. Several years ago, we split the Maintenance Doctors into different departments. One for preventative maintenance and the other for repairs and system installations with techs that specialize in each area. Because of this, we are free to properly maintain your most expensive equipment even in the peak of the heating and cooling seasons.  We consistently perform systematic, properly done, and on-time Preventative Maintenance because we believe the old adage: An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure
How we can help: Our focus is to:
We are professionals   Increase system life
We do the job right Prevent service calls
We are on time Lower your electric bill


Program details
HVAC (Heating & Air)    
 Freon pressure check/fill (Freon charged separately) Electrical components check (amp draw test to see if system is running efficiently)
 Freon line leak detection – if pressures are low Evaporator unit – fan running, ice-buildup
Compressor/condenser unit check Clean Evaporator coils (done with commercial grade no-rinse foaming cleaner)
Clean condenser coils (done with commercial grade rinse foaming cleaner)    Blower fan motor (check function and amp draw)
  Condenser fan motor (check function and amp draw)   Check thermostats for proper settings and function
  Heating - check flame color, soot levels, & clean rust from burners   Check temps: return, supply, and ambient
Maintenance program fee schedule
HVAC Systems
(Heating & Air)
We come twice every year - once for the cooling season and once for the heating season.
1 Unit $49.95
2 Units $79.95
3 Units $89.95
4 Units $99.95
Additional Units $24.95
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"I was concerned about the level of professionalism these guys would have at such low rates. They more than exceeded my expectations..."

Linda Wilson
Home Owner

"The tech treated me like I was intelligent enough to understand the basics. That made me feel good. He gave me tips on how often my filters should be changed and how to save electricity by setting the thermostat properly..."

Steve David
Home Owner

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